In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One

Brrrr has it been cold here! With a couple days of warmth here and then snow, I’m not sure what mother nature is doing to us! Cold weather called for staying inside and cooking. On the menu this week was Salisbury Steak with a mushroom gravy. The best part of all these meals is the cookbook was written with a dietician, so when you eat the meals you know it’s not terrible for you! A gravy may sound too heavy, but she has good substitutes and different things to add flavor instead of just salt and pepper. Although, she mentions that sometimes you do have to use salt. It’s all about moderation! We have been trying to make sure we have vegetables on the side. As you may know, the darker the vegetable, the more nutrient dense. That’s why spinach and kale leaves are better than iceberg lettuce.

Thursday evening we headed to Hugh Jass Burgers for trivia with some friends. We used to go almost every Thursday when we were in school because it was close to campus. Our team name was “In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One.” I don’t think as many people thought it was funny, but I got a good kick out of it. We didn’t have too much luck in winning, but we got to share some drinks and indulge in nachos.

Saturday morning we woke up to Lexington’s first big snow of the year! Three inches!! Being from Ohio three inches is nothing, as we would still be in school. Even after a little covering of snow today, schools were on a delay which would never happen in Ohio. My family in Colorado and New York can get a big kick out of the three inches of snow we had:) The snow called for a pretty view though

View from our back balcony

Saturday was another Drake’s day for the basketball game where we got a good spot on the couches next to the fire with a few friends. Taylor and I then set out to go grocery shopping at the new Kroger. As you know, we enjoy cooking. Well, Taylor LOVES grocery shopping. I’m not complaining, because not many men will volunteer to go to the store AND cook. There was a Kroger close to campus (Euclid Kroger, named after the street it was on) that I had been going to since freshman year of college. Well spring semester of my senior year they tore it down to build a new one. Not many people were happy that lived around there, that it became known as Fort Kroger. Well, now it is the fanciest and classiest Kroger I have seen. There is a parking garage on the roof, with escalators to get down or elevators to take your carts, a Starbucks, a Sushi bar, a sandwich bar to go, and lots of people. It took us ten minutes to find a place to park as people circled looking for spots. At one point we were on the top parking garage and Taylor said, “People are picking bananas below us.” We spent probably more than we should, but we were excited to have our old Kroger back and a new social gathering for Taylor as he is at the store three times a week and runs into everyone he knows.

We started this week off with Santa Fe Taco Salad that was made with turkey and an avocado dressing. It is a colorful meal with lots of flavors as the turkey is mixed with spices, corn, black beans, and jalapeños. Taylor and I love to cook and eat Mexican food, so this meal was right up our alley.

IMG_3401We have some more meals planned for the week with lots of colorful vegetables so look for those next week. I hope Mother Nature stays northeast as this weekend is the first outing for wedding dress shopping for the soon to be sister-in-law! I am hopefully headed home to look at wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses this weekend with Trisha, family, and the bridesmaids. Jeff and Trisha have been working on their colors and it is going to be very classy looking:) I am so lucky to have them include me in some of the planning even though I’m in another state.

Cat photo of the week:

Rory enjoys wrapping himself up in the blankets for bedtime

Rory got under the blankets all by himself. You can tell it’s been cold here. Hope everyone stays as warm as he is this week!

Lovelier, happier, and more alive.



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