Snow. Snow. Snow.

I’m behind! I haven’t posted in two weeks, and I know I’m in trouble. Family has already been wondering where my posts have been, but I promise I didn’t fail at my new years resolution yet! I do have a reason to be posting late as it has been a busy couple of weeks! But we have still been cooking great meals and living life to the fullest.

Our travel home to Ohio was a success a couple weeks ago! Trisha found her dress on the third try-on and it is beautiful! It’s the perfect dress for her and accentuates her body perfectly. She went in wanting something different than what she got, but the consultant we had was amazing and figured out Trisha well and what would look good on her and made her feel good. On top of finding her wedding dress we also found the bridesmaid dresses. Taylor got to go suit shopping with Jeff and his best man. Unfortunately a much wanted meal at Piada for Taylor turned into food poisoning… We had to head home as a snow storm was coming and Taylor struggled in the car ride home. But, we made it and Taylor got to have someone take care of him, waiting on him hand and foot for a day:) Little by little things are coming together for Jeff and Trisha for the wedding!

We are still working out of Skinnytaste for our meals. We made a very colorful dinner, a cajun chicken pasta with red and yellow peppers, red onion, mushrooms, and lots of spices.


Taylor and I are not the biggest fans of sweet potatoes, but we love some fried chicken. We made our own oven “fried” chicken with sweet potato wedges. The chicken was delicious. It marinated in buttermilk over night and was rolled in panko bread crumbs and corn flakes. The sweet potato fries were good, but didn’t really change our taste buds.


Work has been offering overtime, which I hear is very rare, so I have been working 10-12 hour days for the past two weeks. I am very tired, but it will be worth the paycheck! It also gives Taylor the opportunity to stay late at work too when he has long days, and then we ride home together. It means we have been slacking a little on the fancier meals but still eating at home. After some long days at work though we were able to celebrate Valentine’s day together this weekend and had some great couple time. Friday we went out to dinner for some much-needed beers downtown to Saul Good (Debbie we got the Crab Rangoon flat bread pizza and thought of you:)). Saturday Taylor made a wonderful dinner at home while I made some goodie bags for Taylor’s student staff that were participating in DanceBlue. Taylor’s menu included filet mignon, grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes, and chocolate covered strawberries, which we received all from Fresh Market.


I got Taylor some new cologne and he got me personalized pads of paper for my office! After dinner we headed to DanceBlue. If you all remember, this is the 24-hour no sitting, dance marathon at UK for pediatric cancer awareness. We danced my junior year and Taylor’s senior year, and it was the most humbling experience. Last year we were able to volunteer, but this year Taylor had some students participating so we went to cheer them on and bring them snacks. Being there always brings back great memories and makes me wish I was a student again. They raised $1.6 million dollars! Woohoo!!


Definitely proud to be an alumnae and to say I was a part of this great cause.

This week we head to Colorado!!! I am so excited! We get to see family, and Taylor gets to see Colorado for the first time. Can’t wait to see everyone and have some new experiences together. Tomorrow we are expecting a huge snow storm, and I hope it’s all gone by the time we have to travel Thursday. UK has already closed for tomorrow. Unfortunately, a hospital never stops so Taylor will be driving me to work tomorrow:) We are expecting anywhere from 7 to 12 inches of snow. Safe travels this week! Can’t wait to share about the trip next post.

Lovelier, happier, and more alive.