We Ate In The Buff.

Grab yourself a seat, a drink, and get ready for a long post! It has almost been a month since I posted and boy do I have lots to talk about! Lots of events and cooking going on in our lives and I can’t wait to share it.

First things first, our trip to Colorado! It was great! It started out rough as our first flight scheduled for 8 am got delayed 2 hours due to the crew not receiving enough rest time from their previous flight. We didn’t make our connecting flight in Chicago to make it to Denver, so we were very delayed on our arrival, but we never travel so it was fun to walk through the airports. After 12 hours of traveling we made it to Colorado and were greeted with great food and company. My cousin Tyler, Ashley, her husband Zach, and their daughter Hadlee were all awaiting our arrival with some great BBQ and some catching up time! Last time we saw Hadlee she had just started walking and now she is starting to talk so it was great to see her, as they grow up quickly. Ashley is like my big sister and no matter how far away she is, I know she is one of my biggest supporters. It was great for them to share their space and for us all to catch up. Saturday morning we headed out for breakfast at The Buff where we both got Heartland Skillets with bacon, tomato, onion, potatoes and cheese! We also indulged in their homemade jam on english muffins. Our next stop was Pearl Street in Boulder were we did some sightseeing and bought some souvenirs. We went to The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse which is a replica of a teahouse in Dushanbe with gorgeous tiles and pillars on the inside. Here is a look!

The Dushanbe Teahouse

After spending time in downtown Boulder, we headed back to Ashley and Zach’s house as a big storm headed in. Ashley made beef stroganoff for dinner and then we stayed up playing cards and laughing a lot! I kicked butt in Sevens and I will proudly hold that against Zach for awhile. Sunday we woke up to biscuits and gravy. The boys cleaned off the driveway so we could head out for the day. We headed up into the mountains to visit my aunt and uncle at their house and to take a hike in the snow. We got to see Elk and some great views.

IMG_0156We also got to taste my Aunt and Uncle’s home-brewed wine and enjoy some chili.

Colorado was a good trip and a good break from work for the both of us. It’s always good to see family, too.

There are some new things happening in the apartment! We painted the bedroom. Our bedding is a mixture of cream, brown and white and with the vaulted ceilings we wanted to warm the room up so we painted one wall a dark brown. It helps out a lot and looks really good! With the warm weather arriving (fingers crossed) we have started getting the patio ready. Thanks to Taylor’s mom we now have a great little patio table with chairs for the back deck. Taylor added some bulbs and it has now become the new hang out spot for us after work. Great for relaxing with a beer and playing some cards.

IMG_0157We have a new favorite spot in Lexington, and that is the West Sixth Brewery. We headed there Friday after work to eat and get some drinks. They have a fish ‘n chips place on the side where they cook farm-to-table fish. You order your food and then walk into the brewery and get your drinks, then you sit down and they bring your food. It’s a great environment to hang out. I think it’ll continue to be a great spot throughout the summer with their big garage doors and patio. Taylor went back this week to pick up a growler of their new seasonal beer, and we have been enjoying it on the patio after work.

Food. Food. Food.

We have still been cooking new meals! We have made our own sesame chicken with fried rice, and it was fabulous. I actually found the recipe on Pinterest instead of the same cookbook we’ve been using. We made homemade chicken nuggets one Sunday for Morgan and her new boyfriend, Hayden! It’s always fun to host and cook for more than just us. We were in Louisville this weekend visiting Taylor’s family and got to enjoy a stirfry by his dad. Sometimes the pictures just don’t do the meals justice.

Warmer weather means we will get to plant flowers in pots soon. We are excited to keep putting together the outside area of the apartment and open up the doors. Hopefully it stays like this!;)

Happy (almost) weekend! Until next time,

Happier, lovelier, and more alive.



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